Tips For Planning Your Wedding Without Breaking The Bank! – Always Get What You Need, Not What You Want

Tips For Planning Your Wedding Without Breaking The Bank! – Always Get What You Need, Not What You Want

Ever asked yourself what is a ‘need’ and what is a ‘want’? Ever had any idea that these two words are actually different in meaning? Many a times people believe that they both share the same meaning, but that is not the case.

A ‘want’ is something that your heart tells you to go for, but it is apparently not essential to your life. A fine example would be all those branded products and accessories that all of you can think of.

Yes, they give you a sense of style and confidence, but they are not the things that can help you survive in this world or bring death upon you if you do not have them.

A ‘need’, on the other hand, is also something that your heart tells you to go for, and as a matter of fact, it helps you get through life the way it should. Food, clothes, house, transport and your loved ones are the ones that you actually need in your life. Without them, your life could very well turn upside down.

Distinguishing between a ‘need’ and a ‘want’ is something that you may not want to take for granted, particularly when you are in a relationship with someone, and are on the way to that next phase of your relationship, which is marriage.

What you should always bear in mind is that the need is of higher priority as compared to the want, and both of you should never get easily carried away with all the wants in your lives and eventually face troubles in settling the needs.

Take this scenario for instance. You and your partner are planning to get married, and both or one of you would like to have a lavish and grand wedding just because you feel that weddings only happen once in your lives. But it is so obvious that a grand wedding is equal to a grand sum of money to pay for.

Don’t you think that you both would be better off if you plan a simpler wedding and then have some money saved up for your future expenditures and your children once you have begun your lives together?

This is one issue that couples do tend to cast aside when planning for their marriage life. They would get so carried away by their dream wedding, which is what they want, that they forgot how to prioritize the future of the marriage, which is what they need.

It is actually the needs of the marriage that are more important than the wants. Yes, the wedding may be the most memorable one, but would you prefer to create an unforgettable wedding, or an unforgettable marriage?

So to those who are on their way to tying the knots, always remind yourselves to place importance on what you feel you need in the future more than what you think you want for your wedding. It does not take an exorbitant wedding reception to tell everyone that you are happily married.

You can hold a simple wedding and still live a happy life together, and better still, be free from debts. Think of how marriage can be a breeze if you do not care too much about how grand your wedding is.

Most of all think of what your children can enjoy knowing that you both have kept that money for spending on them instead of splurging on a one-day event.

Remember, in marriage, always get what you need, not what you want.

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