Relationships: Emotional Effects Versus Physical Effects

Relationships: Emotional Effects Versus Physical Effects

A true relationship between man and woman brings about astounding effects in both the emotions and physique. But the main question one would probably ask is which of these two effects would create a greater impact upon their individual self, and which of these two would make them crumble should their partners decide to flush them away from their lives.

There were researches conducted on this aspect of a relationship, and we had also received tons of comments from readers and friends about their relationship experiences. From all of that, we can derive one answer to this. Emotional effects are the ones that create the bigger impact rather than the physical effects!

If one were to analyze the issue here, it is actually the emotions that form that strong bond between two people. It is the emotions that make the couple get physical with each other. Getting physical itself in actual fact does not bring any sort of meaning to a relationship, unless it is accompanied by the love and sparks for each other.

You can be holding hands and hugging somebody but it does not necessarily mean that you will fall in love with the person. After all, falling in love does not begin with a physical touch. The root of love and a beautiful relationship lies in the feelings that develop inside the moment you set eyes on each other. If all you want to do is get physical with someone, it is nothing more than just lust.

Physical attraction will never last a lifetime, but emotional attraction does. And when emotional attraction between you and your partner keeps going on and on, so will your physical attraction. So what we are trying to derive here is that when you and your partner are bonded by your love and feelings, both of you will enjoy the physical attraction for a long time as well.

It is a win-win situation for you in that case. However, if the relationship is established solely on the basis of physical attraction, it would be difficult for both to establish the emotional connection, thus having to bear the risk of losing the relationship sooner than you think. In this case, it is not a win-win situation. Both will lose out in the end.

So for you who are searching for that soul mate or have given a thought about submitting your heart and soul to someone you have met, ask yourself why you want to be in a relationship with the person. Is it because you have affirmed of your feelings and that you want to live your life forever with him or her? Or are you just merely attracted to his or her physique?

Because remember, relationships will work well when the physical effects comes together with the emotional effects. It is the emotional bond that can bring everlasting happiness to two couple till eternity, or make them crumble when they lose each other.

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