Learning Shapes With Toy Picnic Basket

Learning Shapes With Toy Picnic Basket

The toy picnic basket gift

Hi all! Hope you’ve had an awesome week so far! Thought I should share something with all of you, especially if you are a parent or a parent-to-be. My little girl recently got this as a gift. It’s a toy picnic basket, of course! But this toy picnic basket is special. It’s because it talks and sings to you while you have your picnic!

It’s really interactive, engaging and entertaining. Turn it on and press the ‘butterfly’ button, and it will ask you to identify the shapes and colours of the food items, and even sings about them!

So while enjoying her mini picnic, she also gets to learn, and as a parent who supports learning through play, this is great!

But of course, batteries are required, and over time, you have to replace them. Even so, i think this toy make a great job preserving the battery lifetime, its been with us for quite some time now and its still running fine! Amazing! Another star!

Also, I feel that there should be a proper sequence to the songs. At times, the previous song is being repeated and does not immediately move on to the next. You know, those that can select tracks in your ipod 😉 Just joking.

Having said that, it’s really worth having one of these for your little ones. My girl simply loves it and I would give it a thumbs up without skipping a beat! I would definitely recommend this toy basket to anyone who have a child to learn shapes and colours in a much fun and interactive manner.

Watch our video play together.

You can buy LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket 2018 here: http://amzn.to/2DyI9Mw

So with that, have a blast, and have a great day ahead!



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