Do’s and Dont’s On How To Create A Successful E-Commerce Web Site

Do’s and Dont’s On How To Create A Successful E-Commerce Web Site

An excellent website is not just about being attractive in terms of the imagery and layout. The ‘character’ of the website counts too! Yes, first impression counts, but when it comes to e-commerce websites, some things matter more than what you see on the surface. Having a successful e-commerce website means everything to a business or organization. It can be the ultimate factor that pulls customers into your business, and can also be the factor that pushes them away from your business. What it takes to have a successful e-commerce website is to be the one that abides by the following dos and don’ts of creating an e-commerce website.

Here are the Dos in creating an e-commerce website:
1. When it comes to the page where customers make their purchases, avoid having to make them go through clicks after clicks just to purchase the items. Keep the navigation as simple as possible and make the purchasing procedure more convenient for them by creating lesser links that they need to click on. Making them click at most three times to make a purchase would be fine.

2. Always ensure that all the links that you have created can function the way they should. It would be quite embarrassing to find out that your customers cannot access to a page just because the links does not work. So test out the links to make sure all of them work before you officially publicize the website.

3. Give names to each of your links so that customers would be made clear of where the links would lead. Be more specific in naming the links. For example, if you have designed a special page only for stationeries, then name the link as ‘stationeries’. In this way, the time taken for customers to navigate would be faster and the navigation process would be less complex.

4. Avoid using jargons that can be difficult to understand. Keep the language usage simple and comprehensible. This, too, can contribute to the ease in the navigation process.

5. If you were to discover that one or a few of your items are out of stock, make sure that you create a page in the website that can inform customers that the items are unavailable, before they reach the page for purchasing the item. It would be frustrating for them if they have gone through the whole purchasing process just to realize that the item is unavailable for purchase. This problem can cause your business to lose customers and their loyalty towards you. Hence, this should be carried out to avoid such complication in your business.

Here are the Don’ts of creating an e-commerce website:
1. Never make use of frames to design your e-commerce website. If your site is surrounded by frames, customers would tend to ignore your site due to their frustration in trying to navigate your site. So never rely on frames for your site to help you gain customer attention.

2. Avoid using too many enlarged pictures, which will take up too much of your page space and block some of the important links in the website. Customers would get annoyed if they are unable to find the links they are looking for because of the huge pictures that get in the way. In fact, using huge pictures will affect the loading time of your site and that definitely makes customers furious. It is great to have images to create live to your site, but it would be more desirable if you adjust the sizes to fit in the pages well.

3. Do not use splash pages as your introduction because there are always chances that viewers would skip such pages. Most customers are more in favour of proceeding directly to the website itself rather than having to spend minutes of watching just another splash introduction, especially customers who are constantly in a rush. Hence, splash pages are not necessary for an e-commerce website. What is important is that you can deliver through the overall website.

4. Whenever possible, do not request from your customers to install a software just to view the products offered. It would contribute to the hassle of purchasing the products and would just lead to more frustration from customers. So when you include your products, do not make use of complicated software that can affect the customers as well. Insert the products the easiest way possible so that all your customers would need to do is click on the product and be able to view it right away.

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