8 Secret Tips For Successful Search Engine Optimization

8 Secret Tips For Successful Search Engine Optimization

A successful blog is one that can achieve high traffic and search engine ranking. It does not just take an excellently written article to help your blog achieve all that!

That article has to be related to something that people are always searching for on the Internet.In that way, chances of visitors coming in to receive information from your blog are high, thus contributing to the increase in your search engine and traffic rankings.

This is where Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, needs to be done. And there are useful optimization ways for your blog to be the most wanted source of information and reach the top of the search engine list.

Let us explore some of the ways to ensure successful SEO:

1. Your post titles should include highly rated search engine keywords inside them. In doing so, people who type in those keywords can most probably be directed to your site and read your articles, which can increase your traffic and place your site at a higher position in the search engine directory.

2. The same keywords can be used for the other pages in your site. This means that the keywords will be able to direct users to more than one of your site pages, thus increasing users’ awareness towards your site.

3. Ensure that those keywords are included in the text itself. It would be inappropriate to just display the keywords on the title but do not use them in your detailed article. You should make use of the words at least once or twice in the body of the article. You can bold the words or use a different color to show the words. This will indicate to the readers and robots that they have entered the right site to receive the information they are looking for.

4. Avoid using the same title for every page in your site. Robots would perceive all your web pages to be exactly the same as your homepage and they will only book mark the homepage and forget about the others.

5. Do not link to sites that do not support search engines. If you find that your keywords cannot be linked to the content of that particular site, you need not link to those sites.

6. Avoid using doorway pages that will only attract robots instead of humans. Traffic and search engine ranking will get better for your site if an influx of humans read through your contents rather than an influx of robots. Make sure that your contents are pertinent to the search.

7. Use text links rather than images on your navigation bars and tabs. If you were to try placing the mouse on the text link, the link titles that contain the keywords will display. That will make search engines index your site and contents more, thus increasing your search engine ranking.

8. Submit your site link to the search engine, but you need not do so very often and need not submit more than one page of your site. As long as your site allows for good navigation, all your pages will be book marked. NEVER use submission software or service as you can get be dealt with severely for doing so.

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