5 Survival Tips To Stay Shielded From The Lightning

5 Survival Tips To Stay Shielded From The Lightning

Lightning knows no boundaries. It can strike anything and anyone at anytime and anywhere. Thus, we should make certain that we are safe and secured from a possible lightning strike. But first and foremost, let us share some interesting facts about lightning and its connection with thunder. Thunder is apparently said to be something that Science is still unable to comprehend till this day. It could be defined as an electrocuted wave resulted from the extremely fast heating and widening of the surrounding air within the lightning bolt.

The bolt transforms the air into plasma and immediately blasts, leading to formation of the sounds of thunder.

This occurrence takes place concurrently with the flash of lightning, but a thunderclap is normally heard subsequent to the appearance of lightning, as according to Science, the speed of light is greater than the speed of sound.

It has also been said that because sound and light move at diverse speeds through the environment, one can gauge the distance of the bolt of lightning by observing the time gap between the point when the flash can be seen and the point when the thunderclap can be heard. The velocity of sound in air is roughly 340 m/s, whereas the velocity of light is too great to be calculated. Hence, the lightning is more or less one kilometer away from the sound within every three seconds.

Those are the interesting facts about lightning that has pretty much explicate how lightning is formed and how it works its way in the natural environment. But one very important fact that all of us should take precaution of is that lightning is dangerous, inevitable, and can be fatal. So when it starts raining cats and dogs and the sky starts to turn cloudy, you should know very well that you would need to safeguard yourselves from the perils of lightning.

Let us take a look at a few ways for you to stay shielded from lightning strikes:

1. Basically you should stick to indoor sheltered areas. Cancel or postpone your outdoor activities. Lightning has the tendency to strike on opened areas or areas that have an abundance of trees and greeneries. So be careful not to walk past an opened area when the rain gets heavy!

2. Always opt for places that have tall buildings and shelters. Lightning only strikes on the tallest objects within that designated area, so if you were around there, you would most probably be safe from being struck.

Still, your safety would be better ensured if you take cover at any place where there are sufficient shelters.

3. Being sheltered from lightning does not guarantee 100% of your safety. Lightning can travel through items that use electricity like your telephones, computers and other electrical appliances. Refrain from bathing and using any electrical items when there is a huge thunderstorm taking place. If you notice that it is going to rain anytime soon, quickly remove the plugs of the electrical appliances, as it would be unsafe to remove them during the thunderstorm.

4. Check that your vehicle doors and windows are completely shut, and do not turn on the stereo when lightning appears as lightning can pass through stereos and, in worse cases, can cause a major explosion to your vehicle.

5. Take note of this one. Lightning recognizes places and people too! It can strike a place or someone more than once.

A park ranger from USA named Roy Sullivan was hit by lightning seven times within a time period of 35 years!

So if you have been struck by lightning before, then let that be the first and last time that you got struck.

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